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Seeing as there’s many youtube clones floating around the market, I thought I would share some insight on youtube scripts in general and why most of them aren’t made for long term goals and also the benefits of using attachmax as an alternative.

Now sure I can probably reveal line after line of every feature that attachmax has, I could probably even show you a comparison chart, but doing things a little different I will instead share some knowledge and let you all make your own decision.
These days there are many Upload Scripts being sold as Video File Sharing software, many of them, have great features, usability, look sharp and work great. However there is one major flaw in all of them.

They don’t support the ability to transfer Files to remote Dedicated Servers. Now why you may ask is this important?
Over the years I realized the importance of this factor alone, by launching a busy Video Website. I needed a way to solve these issues while still allowing the traffic to grow without affecting the main website. The problems that I encountered were these:

1)The File Storage sizes became so large that it surpassed the limit of the Hard Drive. Videos and Files are getting larger as time passes and it’s very easy to fill up your hard drive. In my case, the hard drive was so full that I was no longer able to continue. My only option at the time was to go through the time consuming task of manually deleting files. Files of which I needed and didn’t want to let go. With most Video scripts once you reach the limit, essentially you will be trapped by the same issue that I encountered.

2)As traffic started to get very high, it was slowing down my webpage and I was losing many visitors, there is a physical limit on Servers that is manageable. So once the limits were met, I found the server load increased dramatically and other users were unable to access the webpage because of the high traffic that was pounding my servers. Day in and Day out I was infact losing money and losing potential visitors. They got fed up with being unable to connect and just left. Most webmasters will again reach these limits and once this happens there will be no good option available to solve this major problem.

Basically you will be left with a choice to either buy another script, or get your script custom coded to enable this feature. Of which something like this cannot be easily integrated as the whole complexion of the script changes. These scripts on the market are akin to Computers that will run for one year, and then you will have a computer that is outdated and unable to upgrade to the latest software or new technology. This will force users to start back all over again and buy a new Computer. However you’ve just spent 1 year, organising your Software, emails, realistically you don’t want to start again! You are in fact looking for a solution!
The solution is attachmax because this script adequately solves the 2 issues. For Example:

1) Once you reach the limit of your hard drive, you simply add an additional Hard Drive and run the attachmax slave server installation script.

2) When the Server can’t handle any more traffic, you add another dedicated Server, run the Slave server Installation script and you move on. Your site continues on its path and grows.

I’m offering an alternative to the tired trend of scripts that will be very difficult to manage once you reach the limits. It’s interesting to note, that recently I received an email from an owner of that popular Video Youtube script that’s been floating around and basically the question was if he could migrate his website to use attachmax, simply because of the issues just revealed before. That’s basically the essence of it, making the right decision from the start so you don’t get trapped like the user before.
If you would like more information about the Attachmax Script, take a look at the demo at:

More information about the script can be viewed at


March 21, 2007 - Posted by | youtube, youtube clone

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