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Are You Tired Of…

Making little or no revenue from advertising in websites?

Constantly changing your website to give it that extra punch?

Seeing and hearing about all the money to be made but not seeing it?

YouTube is the hotest thing since sliced bread! Google paid 2 Billion dollars for it. And to think you can buy something similiar and start making money .By purchasing this YouTube script, you have the potential to make a huge amount of cash!

PLEASE READ: Only purchase if you understand what you are buying, and if you know how to install! Cloned scripts are scripts that are SIMILAR, so no copyright laws are being violated!

You will be able to download this PHP CLONE SCRIPT immediately after payment is complete!



This site is fully customizable. You can even change colors and styles with ease!

This site needs high band with and storage space.

Once you purchase you will be given a download link right away, so do not delay order today!

More info at



December 23, 2007 - Posted by | youtube clone

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    Comment by Vishal | April 26, 2008 | Reply

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