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Upgrade Perl on Cpanel Server

Upgrading perl on cpanel server

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Unexpected traffic impacts site creator

A new video website run by an ex-Waikato university student is gaining ground in the US.

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Cloning Web 2 – Youtube, MySpace

Business2.0 just released in its august edition (print magazine) a list of clones per country of 4 star Web2.0 companies Digg, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. There is just one problem, the information is pretty much inaccurate and even wrong. Let’s take France for example. SkyBlog, the largest french social network, is nowhere near FaceBook, and even so it was there much before (would be closer to MySpace maybe). Scoopeo, supposed to be a Digg clone, is not a French company, but a Belgium company (the service is in French though). DailyMotion was created before YouTube: who is cloning who?




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