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Amazing russian digg clone for web videos

Youtube is not perfect for rating videos. Especially for international visitors. Russians don’t care about iPhone, debates and baseball. Accroding to Absorb.TV they prefer physics, vodka, funny ads and many many more.

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Cloning Web 2.0: A Look at Copycat Applications

I know I recently railed against copycat sites — I assure you that the irony of this post isn’t lost on me. But as they say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” As I said in my post 3 weeks ago, “if you do feel the need to borrow an idea, you should definitely make changes and try to innovate and push the concept in new directions.”

YouTube was one of the first big success stories of web 2.0, cashing in for over $1.65 billion last fall when it was acquired by Google. AlstraSoft’s Video Share Enterprise is a PHP/MySQL script that clones YouTube. Video Share duplicates most of YouTube’s features pretty well, and powers a number of small-to-medium sized sites, such as the paintball video sharing web site Xhaled. Also check out another YouTube clone script vShare. It seems unlikely that either of these scripts could scale out of the box to support anywhere near the traffic of YouTube, though.

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