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Free File Hosting pays for sharing files

If you want to make money with a very minimal effort, there is this website that will do just that. A website which you will find in this link will pay you through PayPal or Money Broker simply by uploading your files on their website.

The way you earn is simple: you need to sign up for an account on the site. The sign-up process is free. Once you have an active account with them, you may start uploading your files videos, documents, MP3s, MP4s, songs, audio files—on their site. The website will pay you depending on the number times your files were downloaded from their website. Here is a list of how much you get paid:

10,000 unique downloads: $10.00 USD
50,000 unique downloads: $50.00 USD
100,000 unique downloads: $10.00 USD
500,000 unique downloads: $500.00 USD
1,000,000 unique downloads: $1000.00 USD

When we say unique downloads, this means that the people who downloaded your files should come from different IP addresses. This is to ensure that no one cheats. Of course, if this rule is not applied, I can download my own file 10,000 times and I will earn as much as I can.

Here is the catch at, if your files are not downloaded in 90 days, your files will be deleted. This is done to ensure that the hard drives of the company is clean. Also, you cannot download files that other members are not willing to share.

You can also make money for referring the site to others. many people use following search query to find free file hosting service – free music file hosting, file hosting service, file hosting music, download file hosting. If you have a web site, you can refer visitors to the  free file hosting service and earn $0.1 per referral.

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