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Easy Share Make money sharing files

Easy Share Free File Hosting service gives you an option to share large files upto 100 MB for free with your friends, blog, forum or web site visitors. If you have many files to share, uploading them to your own server will cost you every month for bandwidth and space used on the web server.

Many use Rapidshare to share files. They have limits for free users, if you need to use them with out any speed or download limits, you have to pay for it. Not just you, all your visitors who need to download file from the site need to pay. Well here is a service that is ready to pay you to upload and share your files.

Easy Share allows you to share any type of file. You may then post links to share the files with your firends. You get paid when someone clicks on your link and downloads the file. The links can be posted on message boards and blogs and the maximum limit per file is 100 MB.

There are no hourly limits or timers for the downloads, the download speeds are pretty good and download accelerators are supported. Blog or personal site that hosts file that can save some bandwidth by using these file hosting service, also it can make you some money in long term if you share some files with friends. It is not big, but it is good to getting paid for doing nothing.

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