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CrowdRules Launches, Not Just Another YouTube Clone

The new video sharing site CrowdRules is a new take on the online video dome. The video sharing site allows the users to insert the URL of a video they would like to share with others and receive feedback for the same.One of the features on the site dubbed “Challenge” is aimed at holding contests to get the ranking of a video, and posting videos for the voting purpose. Anyone can commence the challenge. It was good to see that the users can export the challenges to personal profiles on sites such as MySpace, Piczo etc.

For now, they are experimenting with videos only. Anyhow, they have plans to support text, photos, news, blogs, podcasts, audio and documents in the near future. CrowdRules can be used for audience testing, band battles, film festivals, market research and many more things.

CEO of CrowdRules
has commented on the voting style at the site and said:

The voting on YouTube and other video sites can be gamed, so the results aren’t reliable, i.e., business decisions can’t be based on them. By keeping the voting honest, CrowdRules allows people to get meaningful ratings and rankings on anything.

They say that YouTube is just for fun and they have designed CrowdRules as a contest-oriented question and answer site with videos.

In nutshell, CrowdRules is a new spin on the idea of online video sharing by allowing group formation around the videos. Click here to know more about the site.


May 8, 2007 - Posted by | clone, youtube clone


  1. Be sure to check out as well. Votigo allows any business or individual to create and share their own customized video contest.

    President, Votigo

    Comment by Jim | May 9, 2007 | Reply

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