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The Web 2.0 era, the next step in internet evolution, has opened up the online world in a way that the internet is now largely driven by User Generated Content (UGC). Be it the popular Wikipedia, or the phenomenon called YouTube, the web experience is no longer a one way lane. Today, it’s all about buzz words like ‘Broadcast yourself,’ ‘Create your own space,’ or simply ‘Wiki’ in everything. Here’s looking at an effort by a 26 year old Indian techie, who – inspired by the Open source revolution, combined with his love for movies and technology in the Web2.0era – initiated a User Generated Movie platform,

Keeping the successful open source-based Linux model in mind, was built on the same principle as Wikipedia, where web users from across the globe can contribute to the making of the first commercial, English movie online, completely free of cost.

The objective says Hinesh Jethwani, founder of LetsFilm, is to create an open- door platform for free flow of thought and an opportunity for the average Joe, to contribute with his own ideas, innovations and expertise and seamlessly integrate all these ideas into one single film. He said, “I realized everyone has an opinion on films. And there is a huge base of untapped talent, which may never get the right resources or contacts to actually be a part of a mainstream film. Now LetsFilm .com is offering an opportunity for web users to showcase their talent in any part of film making, starting from script writing to screenplay or from acting to providing voice over.”

“I believe in the statement that the internet is the biggest leveler. In my professional experience of working with technology communities, I have seen what the power of collaboration can do. I am excited to see the same enthusiasm and collaborative spirit at work in the world of films. Through the Lets Film project, it is my endeavor to both tap into and harness the talent of thousands of individuals across the world to make the world’s first mainstream community movie together.”

To create a method to the madness, Jethwani has posted a synopsis of the script of the film on the site and the 573 registered users have already begun to edit the script and have added their in the form of dialogs and ideas. The plan is to let the script take its own course and the concept to mature in its own time, with contributions of users and once paperwork is over, the site will host online auditions for the cast and crew. A production company will then assist crew with the technical aspects of the film making process. On completion, the film is may hit the theatres just like any other commercial film. currently has features such as Instant Messenger (online and offline) member blogs and forums, with an audio and video feature coming soon. The portal will also have advanced video features and software for live online auditions and video chat within a month. In keeping with the Web 2.0 concept, a user polling and rating system will determine the final cast and crew of the film, before it hits the floor.

Another portal that has used the open source platform for film making is, where users from across the globe contributed to the short animation film, created by the Orange Open Movie Project studio in Amsterdam during 2005/2006.


March 26, 2007 - Posted by | youtube clone


  1. here’s yet another entrant into the same space.. KONKAN TV. Check it out, for all you know, there may be something on this site that may catch your attention. DO check out the youtube mashup script….

    Comment by Rohan Pinto | March 30, 2007 | Reply

  2. Sounds like a unique open source filmmaking venture to me. Although there are quite a few open source scriptwriting websites now on the Internet, definitely has the best storyline.

    It sounds more like a mashup between Bond and Terminator!

    Comment by Betsy | October 7, 2007 | Reply

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