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CrowdRules Launches – YouTube Meets Crowd Wisdom

A brand new video sharing site where you can insert the url of a video you’d like to share,  and get feedback from other users.  Some ways in which this can be used include market research, unbiased opinions,  or as a fun game.

They’ve included a challenge feature to hold contests for ranking a particular video, choosing the best of a group of videos,  and submitting videos to be voted on.  Anyone can initiate a challenge,  and it would be great if they could incorporate the ability for users to offer some sort of prize for the winners.  Challenges can also be exported to your profiles on MySpace, Piczo, hi5 and the rest, so you can rally up even more submissions and votes.

Regarding YouTube already having voting, we know: that’s exactly our point. The voting on YouTube and other video sites can be gamed, so the results aren’t reliable, i.e., business decisions can’t be based on them.

By keeping the voting honest, CrowdRules allows people to get meaningful ratings and rankings on anything. That will include movie studios quickly finding the best of 5 possible movie trailers still in development (currently an expensive proposition without CrowdRules), to having the crowd decide who does the best job of reading your poetry.

We still remember the kid last summer who put a Chopin piece on YouTube and asked for help. He got over 400 video responses, which he then had to slog through. If he did the same thing on CrowdRules®, then the Crowd could help him sort through the responses and he could watch just the best ones, then get back to playing piano.

We have great respect for YouTube. But YouTube is just for fun. YouTube provides no tools for user-generated contests. More important, they suffer from information cascades – things that bias the voting. It’s in our DNA to block them and keep the voting honest.

Videos on CrowdRules can come from anywhere on the web. Yet we’ve never seen ourselves as a video sharing site. Instead, we focused on what was necessary to successfully do media research. Media research and contests have a lot in common: they both seek to find the best stuff. But that can get complicated. So, to make it easy to use, we designed CrowdRules as a contest-oriented question and answer site with videos.

One point I didn’t see you cover was the fact that CrowdRules lets anyone leverage the collective intelligence of the crowd. That’s why we called it CrowdRules and not, say, YouTubeVideoShare.

Oh, and we will be adding prize and sponsor features soon. You’re quite right that they’re needed, and we look forward to offering it.

Again, thanks for taking the time to review us! It’s an honor!

David Moss



March 24, 2007 - Posted by | video, youtube, youtube clone

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