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Yahoo launches Youtube Clone

The trend continues, the biggies are finally back with copying successful startups! Last month AOL came up it’s own little Youtube, what they called the AOL Uncut.

And earlier this month Yahoo followed suit, when they launched Yahoo! Videos, a silent launch, but what I believe is Yahoo’s answer to Google Videos and it’s strategy to get the 13 million users that Youtube, gets every month!

Yahoo! Video is a replacement to the old Video Search Engine that indexed videos from other search sites, but this brand new Yahoo! Video concentrated on User-Uploaded Videos, just like Youtube! The site is a perfect YouTube clone, complete with tagging, rating, user submissions and favorites, but offer more features than primary rival Google Video, yet skipping much of the complexity of YouTube.

Overall, though, the service is clean and impressive and I think it will fare better than other services which have tried to nose in on the YouTube/Google space. You can read more about the launch at the Yahoo! Search Blog.

So Finally the scores have settled (or maybe atleast tried), the management at Yahoo finally summoned it’s employees and said “Well, we need you to create a site to get us up to the 13 million visitors that YouTube eats every month”.

The only company that is left behind in this plagiarising spree is Microsoft, that stays back with it’s exploring unexplored arenas.

I have clearly heard many calling Youtube, a flickr clone! But still Youtube has got a distinct advantage though – the user base. Online users dont surf 10 different video sites for a particular video…youtube has got this user externality where many more videos are uploaded on youtube than any other (i mean yahoo video search has existed for a while too). In my opinion yahoo or AOL made the blunder by not buying youtube and its legion of users, though they still have the option to do it in the future if their video sites do not take off.

What do you think could be Youtube’s future ? Especially after they lost AOL and Yahoo! Two of the biggest potential buyers ? They keep speaking of some business plan that they are going to implement ? But When ? IMO, if this doesn’t happen fast, Youtube wouldn’t last long!

Your views ?


March 4, 2007 - Posted by | youtube

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